# Accessibility

Due to the bring-you-own-components nature of FormVueLate, the library itself does not handle accessibility internally for input elements. However, we realize how important it is to provide accessible forms to our users.

We provide some tools for you to build your components in an accessible way.

# Unique ID

SchemaForm will generate and inject a property called uuid to each one of your components. This property is a randomly generated consecutive number that you can use to construct a11y compatible components.

Here is a simple example of a FormInput component that uses the uuid property to correctly bind the label to the input.

    <label :for="uuid">
      {{ label }}
      @input="$emit('update:modelValue', $event.target.value)"

export default {
  props: {
    modelValue: { required: true },
    label: {
      type: String,
      required: true
    uuid: {
      type: Number,
      default: 0

In the following video from a course on vuemastery.com Marina talks about the usage of UUID and its role in accessibility, and some extra tips on building accessible forms.